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lady cleena: howard mcgillian is taking back over, btw
Aminta147: i've seen the damn show 8 times, and hugh is definitely astounding, but i've got live bootlegs of him and stuff, so i'm trying really hard not to cry about it
Aminta147: i know!
Aminta147: i love howard
Aminta147: he's such a cutie
Aminta147: he's really really good at crazy/angry phantom
lady cleena: :-D
Aminta147: and heart-broken during the angel scene
Aminta147: well
Aminta147: i still think ted and gary mauer own the angel scene
Aminta147: hugh owns motn in a way that no one can ever touch
Aminta147: ever
Aminta147: ever
Aminta147: ever
lady cleena: YES
Aminta147: same with ptponr
lady cleena: to all of the above
Aminta147: but gary owns the finale
Aminta147: because he almost fucking backhanded his wife
lady cleena: *cries/dies*
lady cleena: yes
Aminta147: same with ted keegan
Aminta147: his finale was......*goosebumps*
Aminta147: when he says "you try my patience" he fucking growled, it was the most inhuman sound i've ever heard
Aminta147: it was soo cool
Aminta147: which made it all the more amazing when she kissed him
Aminta147: see
Aminta147: this is why there needs to be a different phantom for every seen
Aminta147: for the perfect fucking show
lady cleena: YES
lady cleena: omg
lady cleena: that would be fantastic
Aminta147: ok
Aminta147: o
Aminta147: ok
Aminta147: let
Aminta147: let's do this scene by scene:
lady cleena: :-D
Aminta147: appearance/angel of music/through the mirror
Aminta147: hugh panaro
Aminta147: because his high notes are so sweet
Aminta147: and it's really no wonder she's in a fucking trance
Aminta147: title song:
Aminta147: ted keegan
Aminta147: because he whips off the robe and feels himself up
Aminta147: music of the night
Aminta147: hugh panaro
Aminta147: because
Aminta147: sex
Aminta147: notes: howard, cause his maniacle laugh is to die for
lady cleena: :-D
Aminta147: oh i nearly forgot
Aminta147: gary mauer for fear can turn to love
lady cleena: i love this train of thought
Aminta147: cause he was fucking nuts
lady cleena: riiiiiiight
Aminta147: ok, back to the future now.
Aminta147: let's see...phantom's next appearance
Aminta147: is il muto
Aminta147: i'm gonna go with hugh, because he rocks that catlike jumping around up above the stage
Aminta147: which brings us to the all i ask of you reprise (angel)
Aminta147: ....gary
Aminta147: just.....just.....yeah.
Aminta147: he's fucking insane
lady cleena signed off at 4:03:54 PM.
lady cleena signed on at 4:05:44 PM.
Aminta147: where were we?
Aminta147: oh yes
Aminta147: the angel
Aminta147: (i waited for you)
Aminta147: :-)
Aminta147: so gary gets the angel scene, which brings us to masquerade/don juan triumphant
Aminta147: (look at us we're already into act II!)
lady cleena: mmm
Aminta147: you know
Aminta147: i have no idea who my favourite red death is
Aminta147: what do you think?
lady cleena: i don't know...i feel bad, having seen ted so long ago, i really can't recall
Aminta147: ...maybe we should just give it to howard, cause he doesn't have much so far
lady cleena: sounds good :-)
Aminta147: ok
Aminta147: so what's next? oh!
Aminta147: omfg!
Aminta147: omfg!
Aminta147: wandering child!
Aminta147: HOT
Aminta147: HOT
Aminta147: HOT
Aminta147: "turning from true beauty" oh baby
lady cleena: *SWOON*
lady cleena: i just love that
Aminta147: let's give that to ted because his high notes were so beautiful
lady cleena: i love that scene
Aminta147: and he isn't going to get much else
Aminta147: cause from here on out it's only hugh and gary
Aminta147: haha
lady cleena: and it doesn't get enough credit
lady cleena: right
lady cleena: clearly
Aminta147: that scene is just
Aminta147: i lov the lyrics
lady cleena: and it always gets lost 'cause it's after wishingyouwereblahblah...
Aminta147: yeah
Aminta147: and the violin....
Aminta147: oh man
lady cleena: ooooh
lady cleena: so want that
Aminta147: hahaha
Aminta147: i just want the friggin phantom
Aminta147: erik and i are clearly fucking made for each other
Aminta147: i'm a struggling actress in the chorus
Aminta147: hello!!!!!!????
lady cleena: obviously
lady cleena: i can totally see that
lady cleena: .........only, you should share.......
Aminta147: i'm just sitting hear begging to be hypnotized
Aminta147: i tell you what
Aminta147: weekends where i get the phantom, you have mr darcey, and then we swop
lady cleena: wow
lady cleena: that's a perfect ideaw
Aminta147: hahaha
Aminta147: i've put a great deal of thought into this
lady cleena: i definately was rereading the end and other good parts of p&p just the other day and oh man
lady cleena: i NEED a darcy
Aminta147: ok, so we've gone up through wandering chid
Aminta147: which brings us next to notes part deux
Aminta147: let's give that to ted because he has fabulous diction for the angry spitty demands portion
lady cleena: good call
Aminta147: and then there's really nothing else until past the point of no return...
Aminta147: oh hugh....
Aminta147: i love it when he takes the apple from her and replaces it with the cup of wine
Aminta147: *swoon*
lady cleena: yessssssssssss
Aminta147: that whole damn thing is so effing hot
Aminta147: see, hugh gets that hands down, because when christine puts her arms around his shoulders and grabs his sides, he clenches his fingers, digging them into his knees like he can't stand it anymore
Aminta147: and it
Aminta147: is
Aminta147: so
Aminta147: hot
Aminta147: and amzing for anyone who's ever read the book
lady cleena: friggin yes
Aminta147: and knows how her touch has been this thing teasing him the whole time
Aminta147: and now he has it
Aminta147: even though that scene's not in the book
Aminta147: but anywho
Aminta147: hugh gets that
Aminta147: all for himself
Aminta147: :-)
lady cleena: i may pass out, just thinking about it
Aminta147: and last, but certainly not least....
Aminta147: down once more
Aminta147: which goes to mr gary mauer for nearly backhanding his wife on you try my patience "make your choice" just that one line goes to ted keegan for his inhuman growl, and the rest all goes to gary....cause he pleads with the boat as it floats away "but i love you....i love you"
Aminta147: as though that should be enough
Aminta147: but it isn't
Aminta147: and she's gone
Aminta147: oh!
Aminta147: i almost forgot
Aminta147: when she comes back to give him the rin
Aminta147: ring*
Aminta147: he jumps, just like how in susan kay's book he flinches when people aproach, because he can just feel them coming
Aminta147: and when he sees it's her
lady cleena: oh man, gary at the end
lady cleena: makes me weep
lady cleena: it's's so heartbreaking
Aminta147: for a tiny tiny moment
Aminta147: believe she's come to stay with him
lady cleena: YES
Aminta147: *dies*
lady cleena: and i die

x posted.
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