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Susan Kay Petition.........I need your help!!

Thank you so much to EVERYONE who signed the Susan Kay's "Phantom" Reprinting Petition! It means so much to everyone who believes! :)

We have now reached the goal of *well over* 2,000 signatures! I thought it wasn't ever going to happen.
I know that some people signed more than once. To those of you who did so discreetly, with a name of a family member or friend, I thank you. To those of you who said you were signing a second time, or who did something very, very stupid like posting a CONVERSATION between your imaginary friends/band members (*ahem!* to anyone to saw the whole Dir En Grey BS)...I do not thank you, as "signatures" such as these make the entire cause seem silly, immature, and ridiculous...and could have, in the end, diminished the legitimacy of the other signers of the petition.
To everyone else, thank you so very, very much!! :) can you help?

One of three ways!!!

First...I need you to grab your books, or your internet search skills...and find me the NAMES and addresses, if possible, of every PUBLISHER in English-speaking countries that have published this book. I know the names of several, but only have the rather amusing address for Delacorte Press, which is 666 Fifth Avenue in New York.
So...I need those names and addresses. America, UK...anywhere where English is the spoken language.
Also.....Steven Spielberg!!!! I believe Christine Daae Clemens (at least I believe it was her) gave me this address....and I was an absolute idiot and lost where she posted it! -_-

Second....the names and addresses for other countries' publishers that published Phantom as well. Also, someone who would be willing to TRANSLATE some good quotes from signatures on the petition to their spoken language, and the letter I will be composing to the publishers who will be receiving. I know it was published in Japanese and German...what other languages??

I work full time as a security guard. I enjoy my job for the most part, but unfortunately, being out of work for a couple months has put me in debt up to my eyeballs.
If need be, I will find a way to pay for the paper, ink, postage, etc. myself. However...if anyone can actually afford to donate even a couple bucks...I *am* a Paypal member, and though I get a percentage taken out from each transaction (that gets a lot of grrs from me, trust me! ;) ), even a dollar could help. If you could donate ink (maybe you work somewhere that throws out perfectly good ink cartidges...I know some companies do this. Or, you get a ridiculously serious discount on them, and could hook me up with a deal? My printer takes "45 BLACK | HP Inkjet Printer Cartridge" and I have an HP Deskjet 932C), you'd be loved for life. Paper? Perhaps you could volunteer to, when notified, print a copy or two of every page of the petition.
By the way, my Email address, for Paypal or personal Emails, is
You may also AIM me on KraftiKitty, or use sodakitty for Yahoo, if you wish to contact me about anything pertaining to the subject.

Are you good with words? I am a bit indecisive as to what I should really SAY in the letter I will be sending to each publisher.

Thank you so very much to EVERYONE for EVERYTHING! You're all great and wonderful, and every single one of you deserves a red rose and a hug for simply signing!

Love always,

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